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RUBRO Rooibos still


RUBRO’s mission is to share the rare and precious

Rooibos herb with the world.


Rooibos (pronounced roy-boss) or ‘Red bush’ is a wild herb only found in the Cederberg mountains near Cape Town, South Africa.

It was first used as a remedy by the indigenous Khoikhoi tribespeople and later adopted by colonists to the Cape as a delicious alternative to tea. RUBRO sources Rooibos from small-scale, previously disadvantage farmers and have partnered with a group of farmers who are descendants of the indigenous people of this region. They have a deep understanding and inherent knowledge

of the Rooibos plant.



  • Naturally caffeine-free

  • All natural flavours

  • No preservatives of colourants

  • Easy-to-recycle slimline cans

RUBRO Range:

RUBRO Rooibos Still, Berry (cans), 24 x 33cl, 0.0%

RUBRO Rooibos Still, Lemon (cans), 24 x 33cl, 0.0%

RUBRO Rooibos Still, Peach (cans), 24 x 33cl, 0.0%

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