Relicario Rum

Taste Dominican legend.


Ron Relicario is based on a prized rum which had been kept in two bottles and stored in an old reliquary for many a year. It was not until a few years ago that Beveland Distillers (Spain) had access to this reliquary and discovered the contents of these two bottles and the rum found within. As one who guards a prized treasure, Relicario rums are inspired by the very reliquary that held such unique aromas, flavours, and history.



Relicario rum is made from 100% native Dominican sugar can juice which has been fermented for 30 hours and distilled over stages in continuous column still of different heights. The last distillation takes place in a copper pot still to achieve a smooth style rum. The rum is then aged in Ex-bourbon (American oak) barrels at Beveland’s facility in the Dominican Republic in humidity and temperatures typical of the Caribbean.



  • Relicario Superior is a light Dominican rum is a blend of rums aged 5 and 10 years.

  • Relicario Peated Finish has been developed from Relicario Superior, and then aged for a further 6 months in ex Peated Whisky oak barrels. The ageing takes place in the renowned Peated Whisky area of Speyside (Scotland)

  • Relicario Supremo is a light Dominican rum is a blend of rums aged 10 and 15 years.


Relicario Rum Range:

Relicario Rum Superior, 4 x 70cl, 40.0%

Relicario Rum Superior (With Glass), 4 x 70cl, 40.0%

Relicario Rum Peated Finish, 4 x 70cl, 40.0%

Relicario Rum Supremo, 4 x 70cl, 40.0%

Relicario Rum Supremo (With Glass), 4 x 70cl, 40.0%


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