Some history.

Bermondsey in the mid 19th Century was both a centre for trade and industry; and a notorious slum. Close to the River Thames and crammed with wharves and warehouses, it was the place where London's food was produced and stored. Under the railway arches, where the Bermondsey distillery is located today, was the old epicentre of the spice imports in the golden era of gin making. Jensen’s gin revives and honours historical gin recipes, reproducing the styles of gin that would have been used throughout the classic cocktail period. 

Claim to authenticity.

Jensen's is distilled in small batches, using only traditional gin botanicals. It honours long forgotten gin recipes of the past, distilled in Bermondsey, London. Gin as it should be.

'Real' fact.

  • Jensen’s gin is based on recipes from the 18th century; and the still was designed and built by John Dore & Co, with a capacity of 500 litres.

  • Owner and founder Christian Jensen lives down the road from the distillery in Bermondsey and it was his passion for the long forgotten gin recipes of the past that started his journey. That's why today, Jensen's is distilled in small batches, using traditional gin botanicals.

  • Bermondsey Dry gin is a recreation of a classic, old-fashioned London Dry style. Smooth and rounded, with delicate floral and citrus notes; it is an essential gin for a Dry Martini.

  • The Old Tom recipe was taken from a distiller's handbook in the 1840s. It's a true Old Tom gin, similar to those used by the bartenders of the mid to late 1800s. Unsweetened and earthy, it has a deep flavour that adds complexity to many drinks.

Christian Jensen on his choice of distillery... it was not a random one.

"You can make gin anywhere in the World, but they have natural places where they belong. I believe there’s a geographical element to where products are made, and in my books, gin belongs in London".

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