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Hapsburg Absinthe

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There's always an edge.


Hapsburg Absinthe was launched in 1999 by Dale Sklar, 5th generation in the spirits business. It was one of the first absinthe brands back on the market, after the national ban on production and sales in Switzerland in 1904 and France in 1915. The ban was later followed in other states, including in the USA, 80 years later in the late 20th century, and it began its slow resurgence.

back into the world’s alcohol markets.



Absinthe was most popular during the 1880’s and very fashionable in cafés, bars and salons throughout Europe and especially in France, Switzerland and latterly in New Orleans, USA. Hapsburg is not one of those absinthe brands pretending it was around in the 1880’s France. Their aim is to make absinthe a modern, innovative, and fashionable brand for the new 21st century generation of drinkers. The Hapsburg Classic was the first to be launched in the Hapsburg line of alcohols, at 72.5% vol. and contains just alcohol, water, natural aroma, and wormwood infusion from Artemisa absinthium. The green comes from natural chlorophyllin with no added sugar.


The X.C range, which stands for 90 in Roman Numerals (89.9%) was first launched in 2013 with the leading product, the Hapsburg X.C green traditional absinthe. The X.C range offers four flavours of absinthe with more of an intense ‘kick’ that creates an exciting base blend when included in cocktails. This range provides new and delicious flavours, including Cassis, Traditional Green, Black Fruits of the Forest and Red Summer Fruits.


The Hapsburg Quartier Latin range is a celebration of the vibrant bohemian lifestyle of the Parisian Latin Quarter. The popularity of absinthe increased rapidly during the late 19th and early 20th century, particularly with Parisian artists and writers who featured Absinthe in their work. Hapsburg Quartier Latin was designed as more accessible Absinthe for consumers due to its lower alcohol strength.

Hapsburg Range:

Hapsburg Absinthe XC Black Fruits of the Forest, 6 x 50cl, 89.9%

Hapsburg Absinthe X.C Cassis, 6 x 50cl, 89.9%

Hapsburg Absinthe X.C Original, 6 x 50cl, 89.9%

Hapsburg Absinthe X.C Red Fruits of the Forest, 6 x 50cl, 89.9%

Hapsburg Absinthe Classic, 6 x 50cl, 72.5%

Hapsburg Absinthe Quartier Latin, 6 x 50cl, 53.8%

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