Some history.

In 1990 Gospel Green ‘traditional method’ cyder is launched with apples sourced from James & Cathy Lane’s family garden and the famous Blackmoor Estate. James started making cyder at the tender age of 10 and over the coming years refined his skills with a period working in the Champagne region of France. 


After 24 years, James & Cathy decide to take a back seat and make 2014 their last ever vintage. In 2016 Brock Bergius, a big fan of Gospel Green, visits the estate to buy some with friends. On discovering from Cathy that this is their last ever vintage he asks to buy the company and Gospel Green moves to a new chapter. Today, Brock works full time and is responsible for making Gospel Green. 

Claim to authenticity.

Gospel Green produce ‘traditional method’ cyder with hand selected apples from the Blackmoor Estate; ensuring that love, care and attention to detail is employed at every stage of the cyder making journey. 

'Real' fact.

  • For over 20 years the multi-award winning Gospel Green has sourced their hand picked apples from the Blackmoor Estate in Hampshire.

  • Their cyder house is less than a mile away from the orchards, ensuring supreme quality and taste.

  • Gospel Green cyder is handcrafted using the ‘traditional method’ as employed in the Champagne region of France.

  • This technique involves 4 months fermentation in vats, followed by a minimum of 10 months in the bottle. Once secondary fermentation is complete, the bottles are disgorged and a ‘dosage’ is added developing the ‘Brut’ taste.

  • It's a versatile drink but excellent with BBQ’s, pork, French and Italian dishes as well as hard cheese.

  • Approved for vegan & vegetarian consumption and gluten free by the Institut Oenologique de Champagne.

Brock Bergius on what makes Gospel Green Cyder, not a cider

"We produce ‘traditional method’ cyder using only the finest apples hand selected from the Blackmoor Estate and with no sugar added. The guys and gals at Blackmoor provide some of the best apples that help us create a vintage product year on year".

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