Some history.

Cluver & Jack Cider is a collaboration between two successful wine producers and long standing friends: Paul Cluver IV and Bruce Jack. The current Cluver’s are the 5th generation on De Rust Farm, Elgin and The Jacks are based on Appelsdrift Farm in the Overberg Highlands.


Bruce Jack’s great grandfather was one of the first to plant cider apple trees in South Africa. Their passion for the fruit, wine and cider industries turned a lifelong dream into reality when Cluver & Jack Cider was created. The cider is made in the Paul Cluver cellars, using the generations old Jack family method.

Claim to authenticity.

Cluver & Jack is a craft cider made from pure apple juice. No concentrate is used in the crafting of this refreshing cider and it contains no additives or preservatives.

'Real' fact.

  • The difference between Cluver & Jack vs. other ciders is that it's made only from freshly pressed apple juice. Most ciders in the UK are made from apple concentrate and other's from a combination of apple concentrate and fresh apple juice.

  • It also contains much less sugar than UK ciders; and is about the same sugar content as Moet & Chandon Champagne. So that’s about half the average cider sugar content.

  • The fruit is 100% hand-picked, single estate dessert apples, no windfall (apples off the ground). This is how they are able to keep it so clean, fresh and champagne like in flavour.

  • This cider is 100% gluten free.

  • Cluver & Jack Cider should be enjoyed on it's own or serve with mild curry dishes, most cheeses, charcuterie and even fish and chips.

Bruce and the art of real cider.

"Real cider can only be made from sensitively farmed, freshly-pressed, un-adulterated apple juice. When these bottles go out into the World, they take with them something of the beauty, intrigue and charm of this land".

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