Cluver & Jack 100% apple cider

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Made in the Paul Cluver cellars, using the generations

old Jack family methodology.


Cluver & Jack Cider is a collaboration between two successful South African wine producers and long-standing friends – Paul Cluver and Bruce Jack. The current Cluver’s are the fifth generation on De Rust Farm, which is situated in the heart of the Elgin Valley, Western Cape. Pioneers of community upliftment and well-known as wine producers, De Rust is also an internationally renowned apple producer.


Their passion for the fruit, wine and cider industries turned a lifelong dream into reality when Cluver & Jack Cider was created.

Because of the hand-crafted philosophy, which is adopted in making this authentic cider, the final product is tastier, fresher, crispier, drier and longer lasting than commercial ciders.

Cluver & Jack Cider is a craft cider made from pure apple juice, which is fermented and then sweetened by adding more pure apple juice. No concentrate is used in the crafting of this refreshing cider, and it contains no additives or preservatives. It is naturally gluten free.


Why Cluver & Jack Cider?

  • It is made from hand-picked apples, not apples that fall on the ground.

  • The apples are estate-grown not bought in.

  • Elgin is perfectly suited to the farming of superior tasting apple orchards due to the specific climate and geography.

  • It has no added ‘dodgy’ stuff added to it.

  • It has a great shelf life; average 3 - 4 years.

  • You can see nothing is added like colouring, this means it looks pure.

Cluver & Jack Range:

Cluver & Jack Cider Bts, 6 x 4 x 330ml, 4.5%