Black Tomato Gin

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The story.

Black Tomato Gin is an innovative premium gin and the first in the world distilled from black tomatoes. The botanicals are hand-grown black tomatoes from Sicily and a few drops of salt water from the Oosterschelde, the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. The combination of the tomato and the smokiness of the saltwater creates a fascinating taste. The balance between sweet and savoury is beautifully in harmony.

The gin is distilled in one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in the Netherlands. This distillery is founded in 1777 and has been known for its tradition and high premium craftsmanship. For over 225 years, the distillery in Schiedam has been distilling its own gins and Jenevers in small copper pot stills.



Black Tomato Gin Range:

Black Tomato Gin, 6 x 50cl, 42.3%