We are a Brighton based drinks agency with a simple approach. We partner with like minded brand owners who truly care about producing great tasting drinks, without any compromise whatsoever. Original stories and brand values matter to us, as we seek to bring authenticity in everything we do; whether that is to buyers, the bartender community, influencers and social media commentators. The 'nirvana' is to bring authentic experiences to consumers that are sometimes unconventional, but always talked about and shared.  


talking authenticity


We are a passionate, bordering obsessive, team of drinks professionals with our fingers firmly on the pulse of emerging trends and lifestyle behaviour. We 'hang out' with influencers, brand owners, distillers, producers, entrepreneurs, bartenders, mixologists, restauranteurs, boutique hoteliers and industry veterans to make sure that we are curating a portfolio of authentic brands. We pass on brand hybrids or curiously flavoured one hit wonders. We think that a good gin is just that... and that a good rum, tequila or even cider is best made in the traditional way; so why mess with it. Dig in the sand a little deeper and behind the scenes is a significant multi-channel drinks business with an unrivalled 360 degree route to market. 


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